Trip to ShenZhen


I am a fan of sparkfun web site. After browsing their tour to Shenzhen, I eager to go there really. Luckily, I had a chance to visit there last a few months ago. First, I heard formerly about Akihabara, a land of electronic in japan. Then I heard about Sehnzhen from some electronics hobbyists and consumer electronics suppliers. The haven of electronics for developpers, suppliers and crazy shoppers.

There are the two places you must visit if you are one of these. The first is Hua Qiang Bei, the electronics shopping mall area.This is the place for anything of electronics. There are many malls both side of the street, many consumer electronics products, some are copy, some are original. The choice is up to you. I believed that most of electronics products

The next place SEG, really this place is at the corner of Huaqiangbei. If you are a hobbyist, developer or a have business in electronic, I believed that you will be surprised in this place.ThisĀ  is a big Electronic plaza especially for components and parts. I cannot take much photo when I was there. For interest, visit the following sites and view their tour experiences.

After walking arround the above SEG tower (where the plaza is existed), I end up buying the following components. No need to introduce, famous Arduino and shields. I looked around the corner of third floor, I noticed that a girl is testing these boards in a shop (really, this shop is where they assemble these boards). I don’t remember the price detailed but I remembered that much cheaper than others which sold on the net.

The next is soldering flux, probe, 3-rd hands, desoldering wick, steppers and some microcontrollers, usb chips, ethernet chips (not in photo).

Last, if I have a chance, I would like to visit there again. For theĀ  first time, I don’t know what are where and I cannot find many thing what I want. Be warn, it is a big place. if you want to visit for the first time, you should learn from above and others experience and take your time (at least one day for rough and three days for detailed, I think) .