AT Command Tester Tool

This is hayes AT command test too for SIMCOM GSM/GPRS modules (tested with SIM90X, SIM300 and SIM800 believed also work).  This is very early alpha test release and use at your own risk.
I am not a programmer but I am an engineer who wrote codes for need.
Developed by Visual Studio Express 2010 and .NET 4.0 (For winXP compatibility)
Last year, I developped a GSM base project with SIM908 module. Mostly, GSM and GPRS modules works with Hayes AT commands. ( This type of module can be interfaced by UART and can controlled functions such as call, SMS and others many. Any UART terminal like Putty, Hyper Terminal can be used for this but typing many commands re is a boring tasks in development. So, I developed this application with my own need and share with you now.
AT Tester main screen
AT Tester main screen
Sample Connection diagram

Support the following AT commands.

  • AT AT command test
  • AT+CSQ GSM Signal strength
  • AT+CREG? Network Info
  • ATI Modem/Module informations
  • AT+GMR Hardware version
  • AT+GSV Firmware version
  • AT&F Modem reset
  • AT&W Configuration Save
  • AT+CPOWD=1 Power Off
  • ATD Voice Call
  • ATH HangUp Call
  • AT+CMGS SMS Sending
  • Also sending custom AT commands
  • receiving respond string from Modem and display in Hex format

How to run,

  1.  Connect PC and modules
  2.  Run ATester, choose COM port and speed, presses connect button.
  3.  Power up module. Will see “yyyyyyyyyy” like message when module is power up.
  4.  Press “AT” button, will see “OK” message in receive terminal is module is working.
  5.  Press “Signal” and “Network” buttons to check whether modem is associated with GSM network. Will show “+CSQ:22,0” for signal where 22 is signal quality (something liked bars in your handset). Higher number is indicated that strong in signal. For network, will show “+CREG: 1,1” “OK”. This means modem is associated with GSM network. Good to go.

Tips : Message reply with “OK” means command is corrected executed (not means it is worked). Message responds with “Error” indicates that there is error in command. Check details in AT command manual like this.

If these steps are fine, modem and software are working well. If something is wrong, consult with these ,

To be add

SMS Receiving Manny commands neet to add such as AT+CREG, AT+CGMI, AT+CGMM, AT+CGSN, AT+CGMR, AT+CIMI, AT+CPBR Decoding respond from modem (Some feedback string need to phrase for more understandable) GPS? Only for SIMXX8 modules GPRS support? Custom AT commands set editing and saving in config files for different modules.

I will add more commands and functions soon. Still tune.




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