DIY Old Laptop to All in One PC

I was busy with some tasks between past weeks. Unluckily, one of my development gear, old laptop was not in a good condition since a few weeks ago. It is a PIII laptop with 1GHz CPU and  loaded with my developments tools. I picked it up from disposal since three years ago. When I picked up this, battery was dead, motherboard was not boot, screen lids were broken.  I checked that mother board power supply capacitors leakage and replaced with new capacitors, fixed the screen lids with some epoxy, glues and heat gun. The old laptop was in service at that time. This laptop was manufactured from  infamous brand  Taiwan manufacturer but it’s performance was surprisingly good and stable. Now, it seem end of life again.

I love recycling and reusing things when there is possible. Is that good for environment and also for my pocket? 😀

So, I started a weekend job to recover this hardware. Here is an original photo of this, screen lids and parts of body are broken. Some keys from keyboard are not respond and motherboard was unstable again.

My Idea is to transform this laptop as All in One PC by flipping installing LCD screen over body and making a base+mounting stand my self.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (1) Laptop-2-AllinOne (2)

Take apart all parts first. Removed battery, keyboard, mouse pad, up-side cover, floppy drive and CD drive.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (3) Laptop-2-AllinOne (4)

Up side cover with speakers, mouse pad.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (6)

Removed LCD screen from body.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (5)

Took off mother board to clean and to check.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (7)

The problem was the same as previous, leakage  capacitors at power supply. Replaced these capacitors and mother board is boot again. This is a common fault symptom of electronics devices especially manufactured about 2000 or cheapo ones.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (8)

Started hand-tools jobs.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (9)

Prepared down side cover holder. Reinforced with two metal flat sheets.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (10)

Finished down side cover with holders. Two L-shape aluminium support ware also installed at the side to fix LCD panel.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (17)

Took off LCD panel. I want to flip LCD panel and re-install it over the motherboard part to form like All in One PC. The LCD  connector cable was a little short to do this. So, the cable was took of and straighten and repacked again.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (11)

Laptop-2-AllinOne (12)

To seat LCD panel over down side cover, I installed L-shape aluminium stands at the back side of LCD cover.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (13)

Prepared the base and stand for mounting.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (14)

Panel mounting was finished.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (15)

The back installation of panel mount.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (16)

The first test assembly of down side cover and mount, base.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (18)

Re-installed motherboard, hard disk. Old battery, keyboard, Floppy and CD drive ware completely removed.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (19)

Speakers were re installed at new place (originally battery place).

Laptop-2-AllinOne (23)

First test assembly was finished. All in One style!!!

Laptop-2-AllinOne (20)


Back side of assembly. L-shape angles are used to attach LCD scree to base. A USB hub is attached and USB WiFi adapter is installed.


I bought a USB keyboard for re-branded PC.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (22)

Finally, the oldie classic PIII All in One PC is alive at my workbench. How a happy weekend hacking.

Laptop-2-AllinOne (25)



Laptop-2-AllinOne (28)

By the way, this is my last post of 2012.



15 thoughts on “DIY Old Laptop to All in One PC

  1. What did you use as the power supply. Did you hard wire a power cord or just used a universal adapter. I have 3 newer(2014 & 2015) laptops I want to do this to.


    1. I used stocked (original) external power supply, 220V AC in/18V DC out. At the lower image, the left lower corner of laptop is DC jack of original power supply.

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