DIY Musical Keyboard in Action

Visitor from DP requested the device in action video. Here are these videos. Sorry for poor quality. I don’t have a video camera and I try to use webcam and laptop to capture this. The first video is tuning with Nexus 7 gStrings app and second one is testing.

Matseng from DP forum said that “So many tone generators.. :-)”. yes it is.

Every musical instrument is basically tone generator. At least 12 tones generators are required for 12 pitches, C,C#…A#,B (ie: 12 freqs) for such devices.
pros of this 4060 design are;

  •  required only 12 x 4060 ckts for 84 keys. I only used 48 keys because I have only 48 salvaged keys.
  • easy to tune, I need to tune one tone for each octave

If I use other oscillators (without uC), 84 tone generators will be required for 84 keys.
I have to add more effects and control ckts soon.

Contest entries are awesome.