Open Bench Logic Sniffer Arrived!

Last month, I ordered Open Bench Logic Sniffer from Seeedstudio. I am a regular fan of Seed and DP. I like the way of their development and business model. Although I have constructed DIY LPT Logic Analyzer, I think I should have more proper logic tool. I am a developer from third country and cannot effort for the higher price.

So, I searched for cheap and DIY style logic analyzer at Internet. I found Saleae, USBee, Scanlogic2, Bus Pirate and Open Logic Analyzer (aka) Open Bench Logic Sniffer. When I saw BP and OBLS, I know that is what I find, cheap, reliable and open source. Although I prefer diy option, the SMD parts cannot be bought here (don’t surprise! this is my country). So, I ordered prebuild board and cable.

Just for the record and helpful others who may need cheap LA like me, I listed some comparison from other here.

Although, I also like BP, I need a pure logic analyzer and I choosed OBLS finally. Here what I received.

I never thought I can get such quality and good performance tool with cheap price. This is my first order from Seed. Sure, I will order more from them. I tested this and I am pleased what I paid for and I got.

I also make a cover-case and a test project for my new LA. I will also post it.


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